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Take Control of Your Aircraft Product Liability Insurance—and Save up to 35%

Welcome to AAIRRG. The only insurance company that exclusively writes aircraft product insurance for certified Part 145 repair stations and their related activities.

We are delighted to have you visit us We are member-owned and, as of September 1, 2016, AAIRRG is owned and controlled by 239 of the independent repair stations in the U.S. Some are leaders in our industry.

Believe me, few of us wanted to own an insurance company. But because of the outrageous prices we were paying for aircraft products liability insurance (products coverage), our hand was forced.

I'll tell you how we did it in a moment. But first, let me give you the bottom line of what it means for you:

  • You should save (some up to 35% or more) on your company's liability insurance.
  • If you're insured by AAIRRG, you'll own a piece of the company and share in the profits.
  • You'll have access to a viable insurance option for the foreseeable future.
  • If anything bad happens, you will find that AAIRRG has retained Rose-Walker, LP — arguably the finest aviation law firm in the United States — to defend you.  (Click here for a list of their relevant cases.)

I know you'll have questions. So take a few minutes to read on, and then if you feel that AAIRRG might be a good fit for your repair station, you can request a free pricing proposal.

An Eye-Opening Analysis

In 2004, a core group of Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) members agreed to contribute time and money to test whether there might be a better alternative to the costly insurance options available at the time.

These members launched a feasibility study, examining 18 years of NTSB data. The study found that only 1.3% percent of U.S. aircraft crashes resulting in bodily injury or third-party property damage were a result of maintenance.  Only 1.3%!

With this information in hand, the group approached reinsurers to try to find support for the idea of a more affordable, exclusive aviation repair station insurance option.

The Problem: We Were Unfairly Lumped With Higher-Risk Ventures

Reinsurers were not unwelcoming, but there was a problem: they were unable to address specific losses surrounding repair stations because of their categorization of us as a miscellaneous class of business.

Who else is included in this category?  Air shows, speed events, medical air evacuation, aerial construction, firefighting, crop dusting, flight training and other higher-risk ventures.  Our research showed that repair stations were (and many still are) being forced to pay higher premiums to subsidize these high-risk businesses in aviation insurance markets. We needed a better option.

A Better Alternative

We spent six years putting AAIRRG together, isolating it from other aviation insurance markets so that we could offer better rates. In June 2010, we received our certificate of authority, authorizing us as a licensed insurance company.  Now, in our sixth year of operation, we've become a substantial presence in the aviation marketplace:

  • We're saving repair stations (up to 35% or more)over what they were paying.
  • We are providing good small shops who could not previously afford Aviation Products and Completed Operations coverage an opportunity to have coverage at a fair cost compared to the alternatives.
  • AAIRRG carries reinsurance with a net worth of $88.1 billion with substantial "A" rated reinsurers to augment its balance sheet.

AAIRRG has standards for eligibility so not just any shop can qualify. Over 41% of the Part 145 market will never hear from us due to other activities they are engage in, and for the remainder, our initial process is rigorous to help insure the financial safety of the group as a whole. Subsequently, for those who qualify, we offer a fair price for an exceptional insurance option.

Any Profits Belong to Us!

If you're insured by AAIRRG, you will own a piece of the company. And while future dividends cannot be guaranteed, let me share the following fact with you:

For the past 30 years, the entire aviation line of business in the U.S. has consistently been the first or second most profitable line of liability insurance, producing a better than 50% pretax profit each year!

Imagine not only saving on your insurance, but also profiting from that savings!  No other aviation insurer is paying a dividend to its policyholders.  But, as an AAIRRG owner/insured, future profits will come back to you.

I think you'll agree that this is an exciting and sensible option. It's worth taking a few minutes to explore our website to learn more.  Then, you can request a quick, easy and free pricing proposal to see just how much your shop can save.

We look forward to welcoming you into the fast-growing AAIRRG family.

Bill Perdue
Bill Perdue (signature)
Bill Perdue, President

P.S. If you have questions and would like to talk this over with a real person, you can call Rick Crebs, our lead underwriter, at 707-963-2400 right now.


FAA Accepts ARSA Form E100, Confirming Method of MAG Compliance
09-29-2016:   On Sept. 28, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed the Aeronautical Repair Station Association's Form E100 as an acceptable method of compliance with U.S. and EASA requirements for inspecting certain new parts.
FAA grounds West Texas charter operator, 22 years overdue on engine maintenance
09-21-2016:  The Federal Aviation Administration announced Tuesday that it has suspended the license of a small West Texas charter plane operator after an inspection earlier this year found that an engine on the company's plane had gone 22 years without required maintenance.
Lufthansa passenger plane makes emergency landing after a massive VULTURE smashes into its nose at 5000 feet
09-16-2016:  A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after a massive vulture smashed into its nose at 5000 feet. Shocking images from the ground show the horrific aftermath of the bird strike and the vulture's dead body smeared across the front of the plane.
Do Not turn your Samsung Galaxy on while flying and Do Not put it in your checked bag in case it EXPLODES, warns the FAA
U.S. aviation safety officials took the extraordinary step late Thursday of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge a new-model Samsung smartphone during flights following numerous reports of the devices catching fire.
F/A-18 crashes rise rapidly as budget constraints have led to overused planes, undertrained pilots
09-01-2016: A year ago, Navy and Marine Corps leaders gave a dire warning to Congress: Budget cuts have hurt nondeployed units and could cost lives during a major conflict.
ANA To Replace Engine Turbine Blades On 787s
09-01-2016:  Japanese airline group All Nippon Airways (ANA) has confirmed it will replace turbine blades on the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines powering its fleet of 50 787 aircraft after identifying problems related to corrosion and cracking.
ARSA Supports FAA Resolution of "Vexing" Housing Issue
08-30-2016:  On Aug. 25, ARSA supported the FAA's interim final rule clarifying that repair stations holding a limited airframe rating did not need to provide housing that enclosed the largest type of aircraft listed on its Operations Specifications (OpsSpecs).
FAA Tightens Safeguards on Lithium Batteries on Airplanes
08-27-2016: Three years after fire-prone lithium batteries led to the temporary grounding of Boeing Co.'s flagship 787 fleet world-wide, U.S. regulators are ratcheting up safety standards, as they approve use of various types of lithium power cells on different airliners and business aircraft.
FAA Orders Mandatory Balloon Checks
08-23-2016:  All 6,400 hot-air balloons in the U.S. must be inspected to ensure they are not equipped with potentially leaky fuel hoses made of "egeflex" material, the FAA said in an emergency airworthiness directive issued today.
US Airlines Near Profit Parity With National Average
08-19-2016:  On August 17, US airline trade organization Airlines for America (A4A) announced that, in the first half of 2016, the USA's top ten mainline passenger airlines cumulatively reported pre-tax profits totaling $12B.
FAA mandates lithium battery safety features on Boeing 737 MAX
08-18-2016:  The FAA will publish a rule Friday mandating new safety design features for devices aboard Boeing's 737 MAX jet that are powered by non-rechargeable lithium batteries.
Russian MC-21: A Boon For MRO providers?
08-17-2016:  Last Friday's (August 12) news that Russia's Irkut MC-21 jet is about to undergo static testing on its fuselage pushed the aircraft another step closer to entering the competitive narrowbody jet market.
FAA Releases Final ECi Engine Cylinder AD
08-15-2016:  The FAA has published a final rule to the Federal Register, regarding the removal of certain aircraft engine cylinders... According to the final rule, or airworthiness directive, this will affect an estimated 6,200 engines currently in service.
Top 10 Engine MRO Demand: 2016-25
08-09-2016:  Over the next decade, the requirement for commercial aircraft engine work is expected to exceed $282 billion.  The top 10 engine families will generate $200.8 billion accounting for 71% of all engine MRO demand.
Uber in the Air: The FAA tries to stop a flight-sharing start-up
08-08-2016: Flying commercial airlines is increasingly difficult. Long TSA lines this summer only compound peoples' anger over high fees and cramped seats. Much better to fly private — that is, if you can afford it. But is it even possible to bring private air travel to the masses?
FAA Changes Controller Applicant Rules
08-05-2016: By law, the FAA has dropped the controversial "biographical profile" for prequalified (college program and military veteran) air traffic control trainee applicants and will hire 1,400 new trainees this year.
FAA Report Called Balloon Safety 'Overlooked'
08-02-2016: A year or more before independent crash experts publicly urged more-stringent safety rules for sightseeing balloons in 2014, an internal Federal Aviation Administration report quietly raised similar red flags and called for identical changes.
FAA had been warned of risk of high-fatality balloon crashes
07-31-2016:  Warning about potential high-fatality accidents, safety investigators recommended two years ago that the Federal Aviation Administration impose greater oversight on commercial hot air balloon operators, government documents show. The FAA rejected those recommendations.
FAA safety inspectors unable to make surprise inspections
07-28-2016: U.S. safety inspectors are generally unable to conduct unannounced inspections of foreign repair stations where most airlines send their planes for major repair work, and sometimes must cancel inspections for lack of funds, according to a government watchdog.
ARSA Works: Housing Requirements
07-26-2016: On July 26, the Federal Register published the FAA's intent to issue an interim rule to update the "suitable permanent housing" requirements in part 145 for repair stations with airframe ratings.
Senate Passes FAA Reauthorization Bill
07-13-2016: The Senate on Wednesday approved a bipartisan bill to extend the mandate of the Federal Aviation Administration, two days before the agency's legal authority was set to expire.
FAA Extension: The Bad Art of the Backroom Deal
07-12-2016: Wherever in the world you're observing the U.S. electoral process, it's not hard to sense a burning animosity among the American people toward "business as usual" in Washington, D.C. Citizens are dissatisfied with a growing, unresponsive government...
Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) Draft Advisory Circulars (ACs) Open for Comment
06-29-2016: This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance for the initial and follow-on airworthiness approval of aircraft weather radar systems meeting the latest revision of the Technical Standard Order (TSO) C63, Airborne Weather Radar Equipment.
Local drone users, industry watchers OK with new FAA regulations
06-27-2016: North country drone users and industry watchers are, for the most part, happy with new Federal Aviation Administration regulations for commercial unmanned aircraft use.
With 1 Announcement, the FAA Just Created an $82 Billion Market and 100,000 New Jobs
06-23-2016: On Wednesday, June 21, the FAA finalized the rules for commercial UAVs, or drones. The market has been anxiously awaiting those rules for several years. While hobbyist UAV use was allowed, commercial use was specifically prohibited until now.
US military losing billions in aircraft crashes
06-21-2016: The US military is facing growing questions about the way it trains pilots and maintains aircraft after it lost several servicemen and billions of dollars in damages in a recent spate of aircraft crashes.
ARSA, Industry Allies Call for Correction to "Untenable" Parts Documentation Guidance
06-14-2016: On June 10, seven trade associations and four aerospace companies — led by ARSA — requested the directors of flight standards for the FAA and EASA revise guidance on international parts documentation.
FAA proposes $350,000 fine against Amazon for hazardous shipment
06-13-2016: The Federal Aviation Administration proposed a $350,000 fine Monday against Amazon.com for allegedly violating hazardous-materials regulations governing an air-shipment of cleanser with sulfuric acid.

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