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Reinventing Risk Management

In 2004, a core group of Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) members tested whether there was a better alternative to the costly insurance options available at the time. Examining 18 years of NTSB data, the study found only 1.3% percent of U.S. aircraft crashes resulting in bodily injury or third-party property damage were a result of maintenance. With this information in hand, the group approached reinsurers to find support for more affordable, exclusive aviation.

At first, reinsurers classified us as a miscellaneous class of business, along with air shows, speed events, and other high-risk ventures. Our research showed that repair stations were (and many still are) being forced to pay higher premiums to subsidize high-risk businesses in aviation insurance markets. We needed a better option. Now, in our fifth year of operation, we've become a substantial presence in the aviation marketplace, gaining partners and clients.

From High-Risk to Respected

Our team spent six years putting together Aviation Alliance Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. (AAIRRG), isolating it from other aviation insurance markets to offer better rates.

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Aviation Alliance Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. provides risk management and general liability insurance for Part 145 repair stations. If you own a facility in the U.S. that repairs aircrafts, are a Part 145, and need insurance for your company, we can offer it.

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